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Calling All Badge Art

cpluta profile image Chris Pluta ・1 min read

In an earlier post, we mentioned that badges are coming!

In preparation we need some art for it!

These are the theme's that we have so far:

  • Number of Years with the community
  • Consistent Post streak by week(4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 16 weeks)
  • Beloved Comment

We want to know your designs!

Comment with your submissions and let's talk about it! 😄


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Hi all
I've been working a bit on some art to fill these. I still have a ways to go to fill out the set, but here's how it's been coming along.

The quills are super scratch WIP right now, but I needed something to play with after my first crack at it with the bronze-silver-gold pins. They were intended for the posting streaks, but I first thought these would be coming with /some/ bit of text identifying what it was for. If that was the case, generic scaling glittery things would do the trick, but maybe the quill pen is a better direction for it to sell the concept. It would be a shame to just fully ditch those other three images, but not the worst. Maybe I'll just turn them into printed stickers for my own use, heh.

Number of years is probably going to be done up like a pixel art golden coin of a number, not sure on the beloved comment...

I guess my next step is to do some actual work on the pens to make them look good.
What do you think?


The quills are kind of bland, i really like the coloring and pop of the badges on the left, but they don't give any really contextual meaning..... I feel like there is an opportunity to do something more with the scroll too. Maybe the parchment can improve in quality with each level.


I still haven't settled on what exactly to do about the text... I like the roman numerals, but then this might still need "Posting Streak" slapped in there somewhere.

Scrolls are fun though.

I think you nailed it! There can be some level of ambiguity here, having the number provides just enough context. If you click on the badge we can give more detail! I really like this!

I agree and really like the color palette!

I scaled these guys waay down before I started working on the heart and the coin. I thought they might need to be legible at a much smaller scale than drawing resolution, so I started sweating a bit.. the work wasn't looking so good. Maybe it doesn't need to go so far down after all, but either way I think I'm going to keep the thick outlines - I like the distinct shapes

still wip


I just see this call for art, it's probably too late..

Beloved Comment
Badge Art
I think it might be nice to have a heart-shaped badge that gradually fills up depending on the number of likes earned :)


Ideas are always welcome! Yesterday I was inspired by @ian asking about our goals for the month. It got me thinking, having something for completing your monthly goal. Something along the lines of NaNoWrMo(National Novel Writing Month) which is coming up in November.


An interactive tool with gamification or something that helps developers achieve their goal could be really cool !


Some thing to consider, the badges must convey the meaning within in the art. When they are displayed they don't allow for any supporting text around them.