Simple Puzzle Game in Godot

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So basically I tend to bounce around engines a lot, because it's a fun way to learn a lot about how things are built, and it keeps me in a learning mindset. I wanted to give Godot a shot by making a simple 3d puzzle game.

Premise is pretty simple: Find the glowing cube by clicking the other cubes to make them disappear

What I learned

It's a pain to import multiple objects into Godot without colliders, try as I might, I could not script an editor solution that aligned the colliders with meshes.

Godot has a really flexible approach to making editor tools/scripts. I was able to utilize GDScript to generate all the areas I needed, and then I could just parent the meshes by hand. Not perfect, but it got me where I needed to go.

Download/Store link

Low effort prototype on my part but I'm happy to call this game pretty much done for now. If interested I also included the source code; though it's definitely not promoting the best coding practices 😄





Note if you're not on windows but still want to try it, Godot is like 25mb and you can just download the project from github and run it!

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I'm getting an error when I launch the game

"Couldn't load project data at path '.'. is the .pck file missing?"


Oh shoot; I didn't know I had to include that... Maybe I'll take down the store link till I fix it



Are you planning on taking this game mechanic and building out a full game with it? I was trying to tell if the sections generate randomly but I couldn't tell.

I could see trying to find the glow area in as few clicks as possible. Maybe adding some objects you DONT want to find (perhaps they blow up and kill you ><)

Great prototype <3

Oh hey that'd be a cool way to improve it! They're not randomly generated. In blender you can use a plugin that cell fractures a mesh, I used a cube but you could theoretically use anything.

One challenge I had was that in importing the mesh into Godot, it didn't generate colliders, so I had to manually create & line them up. Likely a workflow issue that I had, but hoping I can find a way to make it better haha.

Adding like "bomb" fragments would be really cool! I might give it a shot 😄