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Hi everyone, i'm a 15 year old gamedev. In todays video i am making a game in 1 day :)

cm64_ profile image CM 64 ・1 min read

Here is the video:


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rgails profile image
Ryan Gails

I like the comment about gloom if you don't add bloom. It really did make a big difference in the look. Switching up the colors on different levels was a great idea too.

How long did it actually take? A full 24 hours or less?

cm64_ profile image
CM 64 Author

it was way less...

rcarlson profile image
Robert Carlson

The trap item is pretty cool. Crazy how much difficulty you can add in such a simple game! Great work!

rcarlson profile image
Robert Carlson

Hey, I tweaked your post to show the video as embeded. Also just a reminder, we optimize our system to show your articles on google search. If you add description text to your post and a relevant header you increase the changes people find your article through google search.

You can learn how to do youtube embeds and other formatting here letsbuild.gg/p/editor_guide