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This is awesome! I didn't fully know what to expect, but I was way more challenged than I thought I was going to be. I especially love when you hit a spike and the player goes POP!!!

Great work. I hope to see more from you! 😁


It's a ton more challenging that I thought it would be watching the dev logs. I'm currently stuck on the fourth level. Trying to get up those falling stairs to the platform is proving to be VERY difficult. Great game!

I would recommend giving the player a way to restart on demand. I find myself having to commit suicide when i get stuck, maybe that is on purpose :) Also, I think touching the falling platforms on the side should not make them fall. I find myself running into the first platform by accident and it falling.

Overall it's very fun and challenging. I plan on keep playing till I finish it tonight!


I'm a big fan of speed running, I'd love to see timers on this game so I can see how well I did :)