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Partnership with Voxpop games!

rohanthegreatt profile image rohanThegreaTT ・1 min read

We discovered Voxpop’s game service from this playform, and we are intrigued. When the books of Valour is finished, we will release it on both Voxpop and Steam. The reason we are releasing it on Voxpop is because we want to help streamers. Streamers are one of the most important parts of the gaming community and we want to help them with our games.


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I can't tell you how excited I am that you were able to connect! That is awesome to hear :)


Thanks! Well, It was a no-brainer doing it. Its basically free advertising AND we get to help streamers too.

How does the fees compare with steam? I purchased a game from there at $10, curious how much the developers get.

Well, it’s free to get a game on the platform and the percentages are decided by Voxpop and the developers of the game. So we haven’t decided yet because the full game isn’t ready yet. :) hope this helped, and if all goes to plan the game will be on steam too (Just because with steam we can reach more people)