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Just found you

bbaraga profile image bbaraga ・1 min read

Hello Everyone.
Just found you guys and wanted to say HI!!

Looking forward to sharing and discussing projects.

We just went live on Nov 22, with a MVP of our new game.


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rcarlson profile image
Robert Carlson

Just curious, how did you find us? I noticed your profile mentioned you make board games, I'd be interested in hearing more about that! Also, where can I find your new game?

bbaraga profile image
bbaraga Author

I saw you on a reddit forum.
What do you want to know about boardgames?
My 2 boardgames are
Vapor's Gambit and Dilbert:the boardgame
I have consulted on others.

our new game is at thunkgaria.com & playable at thunkgaria.world